Snowmobile Safari to the Arctic Sea, 6 Days

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1st Day - Arrival

Transfer by taxi from the Ivalo airport to the Hotel. Check in.
Dinner in hotels restaurant.

2nd Day - Snowmobile Safari towards North with a hint of culture

Breakfast. After the breakfast meeting with Club Nord guide, delivery of thermal clothes (overall, boots, gloves), briefing about the safari program, packing all the equipments and departure to the snowmobile safari, 1 person/snowmobile. We will drive along the snowy River Ivalo to the famous Lake Inari. You will see snowy nature and beautiful northern islands. We will stop in a small Lapp village Inari by the local Sami museum. Clients can take a tour in the museum before lunch. Lunch will be served in museums restaurant. The museum has received many international awards. It shows the original way of living of Same people and lot of beautiful pictures from Lapp wilderness (for example flora, fauna, six seasons of Lapland...). After lunch we continue our safari towards north through very variable landscape. In the afternoon we arrive to original Lapp Holiday Village where we overnight. Overnight in apartments/rooms with 2-4 beds. Dinner in main house restaurant. Driving approx. 90-110 km.

3rd Day - Direction Northeast and towards Arctic Sea

Breakfast. Today we take our way still towards North and slightly towards Arctic Sea. We head towards the wilderness areas and drive through forest, over the fells and over lakes and frozen swamps. During the day picnic lunch in wilderness by open fire.
Our safari proceeds through the magical arctic landscape of forest and fells until we come to Näätämö area where we overnight in original local Holiday Village. We go to relaxing sauna. We enjoy dinner. Driving approx.120-150 km.

4th Day - To Norway, Arctic Sea

In the morning after breakfast we continue our snowmobile safari to Norway and drive in very variable landscape until we reach the open Arctic Ocean by one of numerous Norway fjord. Sometimes the weather/snow conditions in Norway can be very difficult, so the guide will decide the route. We enjoy lunch during the day in Norway. In the afternoon we are back in Finland and we drive to small Lapp village named Sevettijärvi where we overnight in local small Holiday Village. Sauna and dinner. Driving approx. 80 – 145 km (depending on the weather and the snow situation). Guide will see the snow/ice situation in Norway and decide the route in Norway according weather conditions.

5th Day - Back to Ivalo

Breakfast. Today it is time to head back towards Ivalo through variable landscape. During the day we have picnic lunch in wilderness by open fire. In the afternoon we are back in Ivalo and warm sauna is waiting us. Check-in. Dinner and Safari Diplomas. Driving approx. 100-135 km.

6th Day - Departure

Breakfast. Transfer by taxi to Ivalo airport.

Driver is always responsible for damages of snowmobile up to 1000 €. In bigger damages insurance covers the part which cost more than 1000 €.



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